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Production of ZAEEM

ZAEEM Manufacturing Corporation is an international corporation with a long-term experience in providing and distributing agricultural inputs, which firmly follows high-tech knowledge and produces a variety of liquid and powdered fertilizers. Our products are proudly distributed in the market with the registered trademark or logo of "ZAEEM". ZAEEM manufactory is equipped with the latest technology, newest manufacturing and packing machines. Our chemical engineers are working hard to design new and improved fertilizers using high quality of materials and our agricultural experts intend to integrate technology with the farming tests. ZAEEM Manufacturing Corporation is founded under the "Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade" permit and our fertilizers have obtained the legal permission from the "Soil and Water Research Institute". To deliver great support and service, we demand dear farmers to visit the section "Technical Board" on and fill out the water and soil test forms. Our experts receive the information sent by you and they will give you the best consultation. Also, the performed examinations are available to view in the part "Technical Board". In order to provide easy access to our products, you can find our sales stores and their contact information in the section "ZAEEM agencies" and enjoy the least shipping cost in the shortest time.



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Saffron Meal Plan


Cucumbers Meal Plan